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Renowned Royalty Free Music producer
Jassana Time is a Royalty Free Music producer. He is also a songwriter for bands, vocalist and works for artists who need music or beats. Jassana Time's compositions are used for commercials, websites, games, as background music in restaurants, shopping malls, elevators and for many other purposes.

Music in every genre
Thanks to his years of experience in bands (as a drummer), band management, work at radio stations, a huge doses of enthusiasm and his interest in any music style and making music, he is able to create compositions in almost any genre. And you can't hear the music is made by just one person.

Jassana Time's music goes from jazz, movie scores, pop, Arabian, game, dance, hip hop, rock, horror to any “on demand” piece of music.
His compositions are inspired by everyday life and what his close friends and family experience. Added to this is a mix of life's knowledge and pleasures!

Over 340 tracks available
Jassana Time has produced 25 Royalty Free Music albums with over 340 tracks. He has made music for movies and micro budget films. Tracks have been used on worldwide scale and purpose.
“Royalty Free” refers to the right to use copyrighted material or intellectual property without the need to pay a license fee.

Exclusive music productions
Jassana Time can also compose exclusive music productions, which will not be released on any of his albums. All info on request, please use the contact page!

Jassana Time is not a person who wants to be in the spotlight. The compositions he makes are often performed by other musicians and artists and as a drummer he is less in the spotlight compared to his other band members. With his experience he is able to help and support various bands and artists across the globe.